Sunday, October 24, 2010

Racing to Converse

Our resident expert on race, Wendy C. Thomas of the Commercial Appeal, has a new commentary about our national conversation on race in the Sunday paper. Here she is setting up the coming lecture of Tim Wise on race:
Armed to the hilt with facts and figures, he lays out arguments that are often an expository on matters you'd thought of but couldn't exactly articulate.

Like the farce that the Tea Party movement is all about smaller government and doesn't have any basis in racism or xenophobia.
Thomas goes on to say she's met no one who disagrees with him. In other words, he's right about them thar racist tea party crackers who are just mad because the black guy won (except for the black people who've attended tea parties).

Is that supposed to make the racist crackers rush to You Tube and look at this man's videos, or is Thomas just trying to poison his well? The solution is to visit his blog and scan the topics--Beck this, Limbaugh that, Ground Zero mosque here, Rand Paul there, Beck again. Seems pretty garden variety liberal--way too garden variety liberal to draw this reviewer into reading much of anything. But then again, what else would a 'privileged' white guy say?

Nothing, apparently. In the conversation on race some people aren't allowed to speak, only listen to the experts.

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