Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Traffic Wars!

The Commercial Appeal has figured out a way to open a can of worms and generate mega-hits--just report on traffic problems along Germantown Parkway.

Here's the link, including the details on the new traffic camera$, but the meaty part is the comments section. Here's a good sample:
People heading east on Trinity, turning left (north) onto Germantown, are virtually forced to run the light because the left turn light is timed in such an idiotic stupid dumb moronic way. The left turn arrow is green for 6 seconds at the most.

It takes Memphis drivers about 5 of those 6 seconds to figure out the arrow has turned green with their little pea-sized brains, so you can get about two cars per cycle through that left turn legally. The rest have to scamper through or sit there for the rest of the day.
So we've got inept, greedy, identity politicians slapping auto-fines on the rich burbians and calling them a safety measure; the rich burbians who aren't that rich finally getting a chance to feedback to these politicians who'll probably respond by installing more cameras; transplants from Great Britain advocating solutions from a country where they drive on the wrong side of both the car and the road; and nervous nellies or frogheads duking it out with the Andrettis, Gordons and Earnhardts about turn lane protocol (people need to get their arses out of the way in the turn lane so the opposing guy can see for cryinoutloud).

But the people who should really be hanging their heads in shame are the civil engineers who designed this sadistic city's road network or the politicians or nimbys who stopped them from acting sane.