Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cohen? Grandstanding?

Of course, that assumes Cohen wanted to actually make an argument at least somewhat more intelligent than claiming milk is a gateway drug to beer. Maybe Cohen just wanted to get on YouTube waving his hand around. Live the dream, baby
Say it ain't so, Cap'n. But sometimes he does make pretty good sense..

Thursday, May 14, 2009


That word comes from an urban dictionary created back in the 80s by former Saturday Night Live comedian Rich Hall. He coined the term 'sniglet' for a word that wasn't in the regular dictionary but should be. The title of this post was one of the memorable ones. Actually, expresshole is becoming an apt description for some of the drivers here in River City.

I've been driving for several decades and it seems to me, anecdotally speaking at least, that drivers have less and less patience, skill, or respect than ever. It's no longer good enough to just cut someone off anymore, they must be cut off to the point of almost grazing bumpers. One car length between you and the car ahead? That's a good enough gap. Need to turn left? Go ahead, the other guy will slow down. First come, first serve, buddy--it's in the book, yo.

It's dangerous to get mad or flip anyone off because let's face it, getting shot over nonsense can ruin your whole day. But sometimes it would be nice to have a pair of 20mm cannons mounted in the grille. Figuratively speaking of course. Maybe a flame thrower. One of the local bloggers has a railroad horn. Damn thing makes me jump every time he blows it off but at least I know a fellow blogger is driving around.

What's the cause? Psychologists might equate it with the bad economy, political turmoil, or other societal issues. Or me. Personally, I blame it on the broken down family; of kids growing up without much guidance either from parents or religion or decent schools; and Bill Clinton. But who knows. All I know is that driving to work every day is fast qualifying me to refer to myself as a 'thrill seeker'. And you have no idea how crazy that is.