Friday, April 3, 2009

Redbird-Cardinal Exhibition Game

We were considering going but after looking at the 35/45 dollar price tag--evidently even for the bluff seats--we got mad and just said no. If it turns out they lower the price at the door it's their loss, we aren't driving downtown on that whim.

Geez though, 140 bucks for a family of four plus the overpriced concessions? Can there be a worse marketing effort in the history of baseball? Here we are in a down economy with Fed Ex laying off 500 folks today and the Redbirds, already suffering from declining attendance the past few years and a declining interest in baseball overall are shaking down Mid South baseball fans just to see Albert Pujols? Who isn't even guaranteed to play? McGwire didn't play when he was here last but at least we didn't have to give our left nuts to miss it.