Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Name for the Golf Tourney

Now that Stanford has been indicted for fraud and is on the lam how will they rename the tournament? The St. Judes' Flim-Flam Open, perhaps?

The PGA tour says the tourney will survive and that's great, hopefully it does. So far nobody has lost faith in St. Judes'. It would be horrible to see them lose the proceeds due to a lack of prestige but with that and the economic downturn, they just may. So.......

.. how about Tiger finally making an appearance here? It could really help the image. Or heck, maybe Obama can just issue an Executive Order demanding that he enter. That would work.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Peck This

This apologia from the CA defending their database publication is perhaps the most thinly veiled liberal gun control apologia in the history of thinly veiled liberal gun control apologias.

True, they didn't create the database. Then again the state isn't promoting it after a controversial shooting death, either.

Here's a quick lesson in lib-logic. Telephone privacy? Paramount. The republic is in jeopardy even if we allow the feds to listen to incoming phone calls from known al Qaeda members to US numbers. But privacy for citizens who are trying to defend themselves against criminals our city officials can't seem to control? Totally unacceptable.

What else would the CA suggest we make public, fertilizer purchases? Ginsu knife sets, maybe? Lawn darts?

Hopefully sharp crooks understand that the lack of a concealed carry permit online doesn't preclude a citizen from brandishing a shiny Sig Sauer or Winchester upon their uninvited arrival. Well, that's as long as certain entities aren't successful in getting ALL guns owned posted online--for the public good of course.

The following is snarky and mean, but when I think of Mr. Peck the following image keeps coming to mind for some reason, as immortalized once by Bill Murray:

Sorry Mr. Peck, but the image just keeps popping in there. Those who remember the movie also probably remember Murray's rejoinder in the Mayor's office, too.

Monday, February 9, 2009

The New Lamar?

Geez, everyone knew that development along Germantown Parkway in Cordova would one day turn it into another Winchester. But Lamar?
21 Prostitutes Arrested in Cordova Sting
And here I thought the firewood guys were the biggest unauthorized merchants on the Parkway. But should it be any surprise? We've already got a sex toy shop named "Christ"als, a payday loan shop, and a possible tittybar going in behind Coleman-Taylor. There's probably a tattoo parlor coming soon, if not already there. If you'd like to accuse me of being judgmental go right ahead--history shows those places either coincicide or accelerate neighborhood decline.

Now is the time for the community to come together and stop this but it seems rather hopeless, as if we're part of the great moral commode flush. Reverend Wright's terminology was actually correct--our chickens ARE coming home to roost, just not in regards to foreign policy; the policies of George Bush; Sarah Palin's homespun ideology; or Sean Hannity's evening rant. We are to blame. Us.