Wednesday, July 29, 2009


The public should by now be used to media figures shilling for Democrats in print. Geoff Caulkins wrote a story he figured would be immune to criticism, a real tear-jerker about a humble 55 year old man, a hard worker, who didn't have healthcare and died after his third heart attack and after his TennCare had run out (kind of puts John Ford's crimes in perspective). But the shameless part was saved for the end:
They had a benefit for the family at the Elk Lodge in Atoka the other day, but not many showed. Too many people are hurting to hold benefits for everyone that's hurting. Barbara gets that.

But she doesn't get why this country can't figure out how to give someone like David appropriate access to hospitals and health care. She doesn't get why the Dick Cheneys of the world get one kind of health care and the David and Barbara Scotts get another kind.
Simply pitiful. Cheney has absolutely nothing to do with this debate other than serving as a convenient strawmonster for lefty scaremongerers, and besides, only God should be making those kinds of moral comparisons. Guess Mr. Caulkins couldn't find a way to fit Sarah Palin in as well, but surely he tried.

By the way, is "Naifeh's Deli" owned by Jimmy Naifeh, the former big wheel Dem politico from Covington?

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