Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

Hope all Memphians can enjoy a great Christmas with family and friends. That's really what it's about, isn't it?

We could use some good news about now.

Friday, December 12, 2008

An Interesting Idea...But It Won't Work

The Fly boys think Big Oil should bail out Big Car:
Their profits from the last quarter alone would more than cover what the Big Three have been asking for. So let the oil companies extend them an interest-free loan. Do it for the good of America. Hell, do it for their own good. Because if the American car companies go belly up, it's going to impact Big Oil's bottom line. Big time.
Well, at least it would be less socialist and the money wouldn't be coming out of the taxpayers' pockets. On the surface this sounds populist good, since they have the deepest pockets and the worst image right now.

There are some variables to consider. First off, if the Detroit three go under it's doubtful their assets would be scrapped and melted. Americans still need cars, and it's likely that other car companies, perhaps even a new start-up, would buy some of their shuddered facilities.

Second, the oil companies aren't reckless. Why should they risk 15 or 20 billion for a 3 month loan with little hope of getting it back? Sure, they would look good and could make a commercial about it, but in March the car companies would likely be coming back asking for more. Then what?

Perhaps instead of a loan the better answer would be to put the oil companies in charge of the car companies for six months and see what happens.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Fix or Repair Daily

That's one of the old quips about Ford cars, perhaps not as pertinent as it used to be, although they are asking us to fix them now. Actually, that old saying might better describe the Memphis Ford political family these days.

Today's newsmaker is Ophelia, whose five junkets trips to attend conferences around the fruited plain this past summer have come under scrutiny since they cost taxpayers over 12 grand in the midst of a deficit. She said the trips were educational. Damn, she may have an alibi there.

In case your memory is sparse Ms. Ford has a rather colorful history. Here's a quick recap, starting with the special election in 2005 to replace her felonious brother John. To win, she had to summon help from the beyond:
At last check the dead voters who cast ballots for Ophelia Ford in the Tennessee state special election are still dead. Too bad nobody witnessed them casting ballots or we might have made the Art Bell show.
Ophelia's victory was temporarily voided, but she got it back in the general election, evidently with help from God. Heck why not, He'd already raised the dead for her. Some time later Senator Ford was involved in an unfortunate accident involving a bar stool in Nashville, and later a cabbie. That led to this:
State Sen. Ophelia's Ford family plans to encourage her to enter rehab this weekend, according to her brother, Shelby County Commissioner Joe Ford.

"I've come to the conclusion that there's a problem. Whether it's drugs, alcohol or anemia, there needs to be rehab," he said Wednesday afternoon.
Nope, that was just iron-poor blood accordingly to Ms O. And she carried on, culminating in today's revelation. Perhaps this little snippet is a fitting capper to the story:

Memphis. Known for Elvis, ribs, Beale, and nutbag politicians.