Friday, November 21, 2008

Resident Insanity

Much has been written about the city council meeting this past week where the measure to relax residency requirements in hiring MPD officers was voted down so there's not much more to add here except a rant.

As someone who's been a recent victim of crime in Midtown the hiring of 200-300 more cops seems significant. It hardly takes a rocket scientist to figure this one out--the black council members, cognizant of jobs and fearful of white police from the 'burbs, are running a protection play with the end goal being a drive to get the standards lowered for entering the force.

The white council members and the two black mayors are trying to get more officers onto the force (and who knows what race they'll be) because they understand how crime can drive away business. And votes.

The black council members, including one who could quite easily be in jail herself for recent crimes, couldn't care less about future crime victims, their job is to keep the bed feathered in the great struggle. No 'country first' or even 'city first' there.

So, citizens are left with this steaming can of poop. Assuming the MPD does not lower their standards we'll continue to have a deficiency in officer staffing and a crime rate higher than most. At some point the shrinking corporate universe housed in Memphis might decide they don't want to place their employees in such an environment and skedaddle for the sticks. If that happens the fingerpointing will be at them not the Council, of course.

But hey, at least we've got Steven Seagal.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Somebody Forgot to Inform Them...

That we're in a financial meltdown. Who's them? The throng that appeared at the Wolfchase Mall today. It was almost like the holidays--people fighting for parking spots, blowing their horns and yelling, amidst all the seasonal cheer of course.

Hey, maybe it was that Bush economic stimulus of lowering gas to 1.87 a gallon. Speaking for myself that's freed up 70-80 more bucks a month to blow save.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

RIP, Craig

It's hard to fathom losing his friendly voice on the drive to work every morning. This is all I could think of to post in memoriam:

He's probably laughing and telling jokes there right now.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Tennessee Breakdown

McCain did pretty darn well in Tennessee:

Add that to the Republican sweep in the State government and we appear to be dangerously out of touch with everyone who elected Obama.

Which from the main map appears to be largely folks in the cities like in 2000 and 04. Or more specifically, Yankees, left coast fruit loops, Hispanics along the southern border, southern blacks, pointy heads and socialists in Wisconsin and Minnesota (where they seriously considered Al Franken), rust belt union workers, American Indians, elites in Taos and Aspen, Jews in south Florida, and Las Vegas.

Hey-- just trying to counter Sully!


Need a diversion from the politics? Try this:

Real or fake? Hard to tell, but with hope now in the White House, I believe!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

First, I'd like to echo the Commercial Appeal's call for calm:
While this election has stirred strong feelings among many people, the candidates and their supporters should try to be on their best behavior today. Regardless of the outcome, our country will unite and move forward to deal with the many challenges that confront us.
They are correct, America will definitely "move forward" but unite is a pretty strong word based on what we've seen the past eight years. Nevertheless, we can always keep hope alive on that one.

Meanwhile, the early reports on Fox about intimidation here and there look to be a real stretch. The networks and Drudge are busily trying to find a story today but so far it's going pretty calm, much like the last Iraqi vote.

As for my own experience I hate to gloat but for all those who waited over an hour to early vote, some in the rain, thank you very much. It took me about 10 minutes with virtually no waiting. Poll workers were pleasant and helpful, the machine didn't malfunction, and there were no thugs in sight, or even people who might have once passed for a thug. It was a pleasant, uplifting, and patriotic experience (as always).

By the way, if it comes out later than someone wrote in "Joe the Plumber" for the District 9 Congressional seat don't look at me.