Saturday, August 30, 2008

Nice Going, Willie

Well, isn't this embarrassing:
Because of a sinkhole blocking direct access to Central Station in Memphis from the south, the trains will take tracks bypassing the station, then back into it from the north.
How long has it been now, six months? Nothing like shining a spotlight on ineptitude. And think of all that wasted diesel fuel in performing that half-baked backup goodness, he's trying to kill the planet faster than Pelosi's able to save it.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Sauce for the Goose

Question one--
Can a woman who runs an ad saying her motivation for going to DC is to represent those people "still going to the porch, looking for the check" really be taken seriously?

Question two--
Can a man who just reinvented the definition of political pandering by apologizing for slavery be in any way outraged when his opponent calls him out for not advocating the removal of a statue of Nathan Bedford Forrest?

I think not, in both cases.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Playing Chicken with Tyson

A lot has been written on the Eid brouhaha over at the chicken plant in McMinnville. Never thought I'd live long enough to see a redneck town involved in this kind of debate. The famous monkey trial wasn't that far away as the crow flies, was it?

Tyson and their union are free to celebrate any day they chose. That's why they have a union contract. Of course, we're assuming all is legal here, such as the Somali workers. They must be if members of the union, right? Anyway, if they want to make Halloween or All Saints Day holidays, that's their beeswax. Part of being in a union is going along with these types of decisions.

But what about the non-union employees? They've effectively had a federal holiday taken from them at the expense of a religious holiday. Seems that could leave some a little upset, especially those of the non-faith persuasion. Should any decide to see a lawyer or three that could be fun to watch.