Sunday, March 23, 2008

Herenton's resignation

Only in Memphis could we go through such a contentious election, one where the current mayor made grandiose and erroneous claims about voter fraud before the first vote had even been counted, to see him announce his resignation three months later.

And he desires to go back to square one as Superintendent of Schools. Only in Memphis.

And only in Memphis could we have people speculating on whether the whole thing might be a stunt, as if a mayor announcing his resignation is just another crazy scheme to get the spotlight off him for a few months while he pens a massive property tax increase and closes a few libraries [ED- maybe those libraries have become havens for Mexican gangs?].

Perhaps he just became bored after accomplishing so much.

Or maybe it was all Bob's fault.

Or maybe those East Memphis devils finally got to him.

We yearn for the insight of local iconoclasts but they've apparently entered a cone of silence. Not shocking enough to comment on? Only in Memphis.

Whatever the case, after all is said and done the likeliest explanation is that Memphis is hopelessly broken and even a man with an ego the size of the Moon realized he couldn't fix it.