Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Mike Fleming's world

On his Tuesday afternoon radio show Mike Fleming opined about the nature of W.W. Herenton's play-action politics leading up to the October election. Sorry, I have no link to audiopods or anything but I'll try to summarize briefly.

Based on the many colorful stunts--the blockbuster sex-titillation story early this year; boxing match; ludicrous press conference where he said he was anointed by God; and lately the phony baloney voter fraud "story" from last week featuring Igor the city attorney, the mayor has proven himself a master politician who knows how to maximize his chances. If something works, stick with it. For many, this alone is proof he belongs running the city because it's the way we do bidness down here.

Herenton apparently believes his best chance to win is if the white vote gets split between "Chumley" and Herman Mustache, with the black vote going almost exclusively to him. That explains his bizarre, near-tampering charge that Morris has no statistical chance to win. Of course he does, the votes haven't even been counted yet. That is, unless Mayor Willie knows something about the Diebolds that we don't.

Such a scenario would make Morris a modern day Ross Perot figure without the ears. Herenton's comment also becomes a veiled warning designed to convince black voters there are improprieties ahead, just like with Bush and the butterflies, and they need to stick with him to stop the devils. Oh, and building some racial bridges and stuff.

Thing is, the Morris factor works in reverse, too. If whites split their vote between Carol and Herman and Willie gets most of the black vote, he wins. That could explain the press conference, too--a way to tick off more people and get them to vote for Morris and Chumney.

As for me, think I'll think about it a little more. Plenty of time yet.

UPDATE 4/30/09

A lot of people are searching this page looking for clues as to why Mr. Fleming was let go. Whether it was purely financial or something to do with his sometimes tedious delivery, ratings, the Randeep Mann thing, or the new era of hopeandchange. Joe Larkins (remember him) has some ideas.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Quiz time

Care to challenge yourself? Take the literacy quiz.

I got a 78. Not too great, but a few ticks better than average.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

God save us from the King

This shouldn't come as any surprise:
Jefferson said voters have complained that if their finger hits too high or too low in the intended box — in other words, right on the line dividing names — that the wrong candidate would be selected. Jefferson also described the summary screen voters must read before they are allowed to cast a vote as possibly too small for some voters to read.
Gee, is there any level of sophistication that doesn't confuse some Democrat voters? By the way, that's not William "Cold Cash" Jefferson, it's City Attorney Elbert Jefferson, who by the looks of that statement might qualify to be classified as a moron. Don't these "voters" know that 1) you can back up to the previous screen, 2) you can cancel before finally pushing the vote button, 3) you can ask a poll worker for help? Of course they do. But zombies do sometimes make mistakes when their fingers fall off.

Just like the screaming taser Bro in Florida, this was clearly a stunt--this one designed to put a seed of doubt into the voters' minds should he lose. Looks like it's going to be a wild ride. Hopefully there'll be no blood in the streets if Willie loses, but he's surely setting the scene.

MORE 9/19/07

Memphians.. take a look at this video and watch corruption before your very eyes. There is nothing wrong with the 10,000 votes cast based on what the Mayor is saying was the "problem". He stood there and made the case that Herman Morris has no statistical chance to win, which seems to be a setup for a race baiting charge against Carol Chumney (did he call her "Chumley?). He must have seen some of the early vote totals. It's weird, all the hyperbolic things the left usually claims about Bush are actually true with this guy.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Orange level BS warning

Eyewitness News just ran a story that was designed to frighten the beejeezus out of the entire city, especially those with respiratory problems. Here it is. (via Breitbart). Essentially they said Memphis's air was so dirty and filthy that the coming global warming was going to mean people would have to start using inhalers. I think somebody has already been using an inhaler.

They referenced the study was released by the NRDC, or National Resources Defense Council. A government organization? Nope. More like a collection of environmentalists in sheep's clothing. Check out their board. Not too many meteorologists or climatologists on there, unless Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert Redford have since earned their degrees.

Among their "victories":
2005 - NRDC staves off the Bush administration's attempts to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling.
Throw in getting California to buy off on some phoney baloney global warming initiatives and the fact they call Bush's "Clear Skies" enviro-policy "Dirty Skies" and you get the picture.

Global warming seems to be their focus, which is probably why they were chosen to release this study done by researchers from Johns Hopkins, Yale and Columbia. Here's how the NRDC press release put it:
Environment and Health Programs Dr. Director Kristen Welker-Hood. "We know that global warming will lead to higher temperatures, especially in urban areas, and as this study shows, we can expect more and more suffering related to unhealthy air the longer we wait to address global warming."
Again, all this is based on the accuracy of the IPCC forecast temperature increases, and all based on HUMAN-INDUCED global warming.

There are other studies. For example, not sure Eyewitness News covered this one, detailing 500 scientists who've published peer-reviewed studies denying the significance of humans on the warming process. None of them are associated with Robert Redford.

This is not to say that warming temperatures, even from natural causes, would not lead to more asthma and respiratory problems. But the public should be aware of the agendas of the organizations out there feeding information to the crazed news media, 80 percent who vote Democrat. Telling people they'll soon need inhalers is irresponsible.

Long time residents know Memphis has always been a city known for allergies global warming or not. Not every summer is going to feature record heat like this past summer. And as the NRDC site even admits, air pollution is lower today than it was 15 years ago. Besides, Mayor Willie hasn't drawn any sizable manufacturing plants into the area in the past 15 years. Put two and two together and sometimes it equals zero.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Springtime for Hitler

And Germany! So serenaded our esteemed State Representative and Chairman of the Judiciary Committee Rob Briley the other day when he was pulled over, arrested and cuffed for DUI in Nashville.

Nothing funnier than a funny drunk. Unless they are driving. Yep, all the boilerplate leftism bouncing around in his brain was liberated by the liquor and just came frothing right out at the sight of the police officers (who were very patient). Embarrassing. The humor is mainly the first few minutes of the video, the singing around the 14:00 mark or so.

It's not nice to make light of a man when he's down, and clearly Mr. Briley is down. But politicians occupy a different strata by their own nature, which involves making a sport out of kicking each other (and sometimes the voters) when down. So as they say, he's fair game. With John Ford, his sister Ophelia (who fell off a barstool) and Briley, the Tennessee Democrat party has some work to do to protect the public from these dangerous politicians.

That said, in all seriousness I hope he gets his personal act back together.

UPDATE 09/14/07

There's almost a news blackout on Briley in the morning paper here in Memphis, but not Nashville. The Tennessean had a mug shot front page center with the story of his resignation from the Judiciary Committee chairmanship. And here's something I missed earlier:
Briley was arrested Saturday in Wilson County on drunk driving and other charges after crashing his sports utility vehicle into the back of a pickup truck in DeKalb County and fleeing the scene at speeds reaching over 100 miles per hour.
Now, shouldn't Briley resign from government at this point? Senator Larry Craig plead guilty for a sex crime and resigned (sort of), which was agreeable to me. Why don't Democrats act accordingly? Does it say something about what their voters expect from them?

Monday, September 10, 2007

NIMBY of the month award

Here is the second nonsensical story about Memphis railroads in less than a week. Without further ado I present to you the winner of the NIMBY award this month (and maybe of the year):
Fred Robertson's effort has nothing to do with bumper stickers supporting the President. It has everything to do with getting the 35 to 40 daily trains to stop blowing their horns, at least as they rumble through neighborhoods on the west end of town.
No horns at crossings? Get out. Actually the story says there have been pilot programs in other cities where punitive barriers are installed at road crossings in return for no horn blowing from the locomotives. Now, whether this is remotely safe remains to be seen. Personally I don't like being completely barred at a crossing in case the crossing arms malfunction. If they come down erroneously the street could be blocked for awhile. Sucks if you're late. Or an ambulance.

But that's not the point here. When you move to the airport, you expect jet noise. When you move beside the freeway, you expect traffic noise. And when you move next to the tracks, expect train noise. Those tracks have been there since the 1800s.

Oh, and 35-40 trains Memphis through Hooterville every day? Doubtful, although "Big E" could probably tell us for sure. In reality it probably only seems that many to him. More likely a gas cans' fantasy..

Friday, September 7, 2007

Just say go, Mary

Good Lord. What could she possibly say to Oprah that would justify blowing away her children's dad with a shotgun? That her life has been so traumatic?
"And she wants to express that to the public in hopes that she can save someone else from going through what she's had to go through."
Well, then it should be a short statement. "Get a divorce" oughta do it. Wait, Oprah might ask for advice if a slip-up occurs and the gun goes off. How about, "make sure to trump up the abuse story". After all he won't be there to refute it.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Decisions, decisions

The Memphis mayoral race is heating up, which means I'm faced with a crucial decision--vote or not vote.

You might think it's a sin not to vote. Maybe. But the candidates aren't very attractive. Our choices boil down to Slick Willie Herenton, mayor since 1991 after defeating incumbent Dick Hackett by about 5 votes then threatening "blood in the streets" if he dared to challenge. He didn't. OK, maybe it was more than 5 votes, I can't remember exactly. In the interim "W. W" has provided mostly entertainment during his tenure, including a boxing match with a washed up heavyweight and a threat of one with a local news anchor. Not to mention fathering a child out of wedlock, raising taxes, annexing my subdivision so a bunch of useless streetlights could be put in with a coincident raise in taxes, then claiming he's been anointed by God to do such stuff.

Yes, he was mayor during the downtown revitalization. I'll give him credit for that. But much of the city is still in disrepair. We've already had over 100 murders, a rate much higher than when I first got here, so we need a new jail. Willie wants to build a college football stadium. To top it off, the racial divide is still as strong as ever, which can partially be blamed on some of his ridiculous comments and antics.

Alternatives? Looks like Herman Morris, of MLGW fame, and Carol Chumney. Ms Chumney seems to have the best record of achievement coming in, which includes time at the State House in Nashville. She looks good next to Willie, except for one thing--her proposed ban on hazardous chemicals moving through Memphis on railcars.

How is this bad? Several ways. One, railroads are interstate commerce and therefore cannot be adversely interfered with on a local level. If such a thing were left to local governments nearly every city mayor would have shut them down years ago due to complaints about noise and congestion (except those in districts with significant employment). Imagine if every little town in America banned hazardous rail shipments through their city limits? Yep, it would all be transferred to the highway.

Several major lines cross in Memphis. The main hazardous shipper is the Canadian National, former Illinois Central, who brings a lot of the stuff out of Lousyanna to their Johnston Yard in southwest Memphis, clanks it around, then spits it back out north to Chicago on their own line or hands it to CSX to go east to Nashville or Norfolk Southern to go east to Huntsville. Chemicals also go back and forth west-east on BNSF and UP. Diverting would only land them in someone else's backyard.

Since railroads are private they try to make money. When cars originate at a plant in say Baton Rouge, for example, destined to a processing plant in say Buffalo, New York the Illinois Central (er CN) makes more money carrying them all the way north to Chicago. If ordinances forced them to hand the cars to another railroad near point of origin they wouldn't make money, which means they'd sue and/or ask for government subsidies. In the end we taxpayers would end up paying higher taxes and the chemicals would STILL be rolling through our neighborhoods on trucks. Oh, and as to restricting rail movements to a certain time of day? Ridiculous. As if we can't be killed at night?

That's totally ignoring the many chemical plants here in Memphis that send and receive tank car loads of chemicals. Does anyone really think more truckloads of anhydrous ammonia rolling around in Memphis traffic is a good idea? Apparently Ms. Chumney hasn't driven much lately. Shoot, the specter of Tamara Ford alone driving around amidst all those potential bombs would scare Boris Karloff.

Yeah, yeah, it was probably a ploy, stunt, what have you. More like political theater and pandering. She might say she was just trying to force some action from Congress, knowing nothing would happen, but what action was she trying to force? There's not much we can do with routings without giving in to the terrorists. I was coming to like Ms. Chumney, but I don't like stunts or mindless protectionism, whichever it happens to be.

That leaves Morris, who I need to do more research on. From listening to his ads I'm not overly impressed. Short of him, it's couch time.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Progressive talk progresses beyond Memphis

Much to the chagrin of local lefties the Air America radio network no longer calls Memphis home as WMSB 680 AM dumped them over the weekend. To add insult to injury, it was replaced by FOX Sports Radio. Ouch.

Too bad, since I kinda enjoyed hearing all the creative ways they came up with to blame Bush for just about everything wrong in America. The mid-morning guy was occasionally funny and Thom Hartmann was also halfway listen-able but let's face it, Rhandi Rhodes and Rachel Maddow are just way too harpified to command a sizable audience in this town. Don't believe me? Believe in capitalism, then (something they don't). It was clear that advertisers were staying away since about half their "commercials" were PSAs about the history of Memphis.

Adding to the gloom, Shelby County Mayor A.C. Wharton (the other AC, as I like to call him) and Congressman Steve Cohen had recently been heard on air pimping the station. Not sure what that says about their star power but it doesn't sound good.

All in all not a real good week for libs. ZBush pulled a fast one and went to Iraq, even venturing outside the Green Zone (although secured, for sure). Then the guy who mocked Bush as an idiot for falling off a Segway in 2003 fell off a Segway and broke 3 ribs. Hillary was hit by a Chinese fund-raising connection and Edwards has already pulled out the desperation card by promising a bunch of free stuff. Arthur Branch is entering the ring this week, and now this. Here's a proverbial beer on me, Memphis area libs. You deserve it.

In all seriousness, I'm not in favor of the Fairness Doctrine but I thought having AA in town was a good thing overall in a balance/choice kind of way. We were able to hear a different ideology than provided by the right wing yakkers. Guess the left will have to switch back to NPR now.

Saturday, September 1, 2007


I've always admired the musical genius of Ricky Skaggs. Here he is with Alison Krauss and Clint Black playing one of his most famous numbers..

More Skaggs, this time accompanied by someone I've secretly been in love with for a long time, Patty Loveless.

Heck, let's go for the trifecta..