Thursday, August 30, 2007

Judy Miller movie comes to Memphis

Boy howdy. The new Rod Lurie film based on the CIA leak case is going to be filmed here in Left Tennessee:
Inspired in part by the "CIA leak case" involving outed agent Valerie Plame and New York Times reporter Judith Miller, "Nothing But the Truth" features the acclaimed Farmiga ("The Departed") as a CIA agent and Beckinsale ("Underworld") as a reporter who is jailed for refusing to give up her source.
Beckinsale as Miller? Uh, Ok. Not surprisingly, some Kate fans are not happy with the cast. I'd venture some probably don't even know who Miller is. Or Wilson. Or even Cheney.

The more exciting news is that Lurie plans to hire many of the extras and bit players from the local area, which theoretically means even AC McCloud could grab sudden Hollywood fame. Keep your eyes open for any disturbances on the set.

The film is set to begin shooting (maybe not the best choice of words for a Memphis movie) in October and last about seven weeks. You might wonder what Judy thinks about all of this? Nothing, officially, but perhaps she'll let us know soon.

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Monday, August 27, 2007

Memphis bridge closure

Inspectors found some settling on the Hernando-DeSoto bridge, which carries Interstate 40 over the Mississippi:
Under a Tennessee highway project that extends into Arkansas, workers are improving the I-40 bridge to make it safer in case of earthquakes. The New Madrid fault runs through the area.
Nice preventative measure. They may have saved lives. But it couldn't be due to construction alone--they've been working on that bridge forever. Here it is:

At night you can see the "M" on the span when it's lit. The area in question is left of the photo. It's an approach bridge over a vast bottomland area that sometimes floods when the River runs high.


The bridge should be open by Tuesday morning rush hour. Traffic is a mess. Here are the cams. If you're like me and heading downtown tonight, you might want to use surface streets.

Survey sez

Wow. Poor girl. She's either grotesquely stupid or had tried to memorize some kind of a stock answer and melted down under the lights. Probably both. You know, if I wasn't so darned old I'd offer my services as a tutor. At virtually no charge.

MORE 8/28/07

NBC gave her a mulligan and she made the most of it. So she's not grotesquely stupid after all, since her moment of redemption illustrated the power of stage fright on an 18 year old kid while simultaneously making the bloggers who used her goof-up for a cheap laugh look rather shallow and petty. Ahem. Well done.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Recycling in Memphis

What happened to the aluminum can recycling industry in Memphis? In days past we used to save cans in a big container, bag them, and being the skin flints we are, take them to a metal recycling facility for a few bucks.

There were numerous places around town to choose from, including automatic kiosks in shopping center parking lots that would spit out quarters per pound. Since those usually had crummy exchange rates we usually went to a facility off Lamar avenue near the Tennessee Yard. All have disappeared.

Those desirous of cash for cans now have to venture into the worst neighborhoods in town to transact. Meanwhile, city residents are given a yellow tub in which to place their cans for weekly curbside pickup. It's for the children and the planet.

And for Mayor Willie.

Seems the recycling business is pretty lucrative. Memphis is making some decent cheese off cans and other recyclables, money going into the general fund (presumably). Good? Well, it's essentially a voluntary donation of tax money above and beyond the forced donations we already pay.

That's fine, y'all can participate if you want to. But I'm not giving my cans to Willie. There are far more deserving charities.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Clowning around with Candy

Classic Candy, from Uncle Buck.

I miss that laugh.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Darn, it's hot

Over the century mark for the...well...many days in a row. Unusual for Memphis but not unheard of, although we're approaching the all-time record high for Memphis of 108 set in 1980. Global warming, right?

Right. At least that's what the Washington Post was saying back in 1922. Surely Al Gore's ancestors were blaming the Robber Barons and their evil invention, the steam engine.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Pizza fraud

Just ordered a couple of pizzas from a well-known national chain. The total was $25.39 but I wanted to write a check. The order jockey said they'd be a .35 cent check fee.

That made the total $25.74, right? Let's see, 9 and 5 is fourteen, carry the one.. right.

The order taker punched a few buttons and said....$25.77.

Me, "it's $25.74. 25.39 plus 35 cents is 25.74."

Him, "please hold".

After some lovely commercial hold music he came back...

"I'm terribly sorry sir. The check fee is .38 cents. That'll be $25.77".

Well, a conundrum. Do I piss off the wife and kid by canceling the order over 3 cents or swallow the obvious bullcrap this guy was feeding me? Pizza plus bullcrap, or integrity? Tick, tock, tick, tock...

The pizza was delicious.

Integrity? Partially crumpled, but at least a blog provides some recourse.