Monday, August 27, 2007

Memphis bridge closure

Inspectors found some settling on the Hernando-DeSoto bridge, which carries Interstate 40 over the Mississippi:
Under a Tennessee highway project that extends into Arkansas, workers are improving the I-40 bridge to make it safer in case of earthquakes. The New Madrid fault runs through the area.
Nice preventative measure. They may have saved lives. But it couldn't be due to construction alone--they've been working on that bridge forever. Here it is:

At night you can see the "M" on the span when it's lit. The area in question is left of the photo. It's an approach bridge over a vast bottomland area that sometimes floods when the River runs high.


The bridge should be open by Tuesday morning rush hour. Traffic is a mess. Here are the cams. If you're like me and heading downtown tonight, you might want to use surface streets.

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