Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Joe Birch

...standing on the street corner.

Didn't see any news going on but they were filming him from the other side for some reason.  Maybe it was a story about coffee prices.  

Friday, February 4, 2011


How about this idea..
In a meeting with Union Pacific Railroad officials today, Memphis-area leaders secured the railroad's cooperation in an effort to build a bicycle-pedestrian walkway on the Harahan Bridge over the Mississippi River, Memphis Mayor A C Wharton said.
Pretty cool and also a smart tourist attraction, at least until someone goes out there and explodes or gets mugged and tossed into the river. But hey, this is Memphis. It's a chance worth taking. I'll definitely partake.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Racing to Converse

Our resident expert on race, Wendy C. Thomas of the Commercial Appeal, has a new commentary about our national conversation on race in the Sunday paper. Here she is setting up the coming lecture of Tim Wise on race:
Armed to the hilt with facts and figures, he lays out arguments that are often an expository on matters you'd thought of but couldn't exactly articulate.

Like the farce that the Tea Party movement is all about smaller government and doesn't have any basis in racism or xenophobia.
Thomas goes on to say she's met no one who disagrees with him. In other words, he's right about them thar racist tea party crackers who are just mad because the black guy won (except for the black people who've attended tea parties).

Is that supposed to make the racist crackers rush to You Tube and look at this man's videos, or is Thomas just trying to poison his well? The solution is to visit his blog and scan the topics--Beck this, Limbaugh that, Ground Zero mosque here, Rand Paul there, Beck again. Seems pretty garden variety liberal--way too garden variety liberal to draw this reviewer into reading much of anything. But then again, what else would a 'privileged' white guy say?

Nothing, apparently. In the conversation on race some people aren't allowed to speak, only listen to the experts.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Herenton Drops Cotton Card on Cohen

The mayor strikes again..
“Mr. Cohen is not a part of the working class,” Herenton asserted. “He never worked for hourly wages. He never chopped cotton for three dollars a day.”
How many people in Memphis have chopped cotton? Are only former cotton choppers qualified to be congressmen? Do only former cotton choppers get a pass when acting uncivil on the street with their opponents? Just wondering.

If Memphis sends this cartoon character to Washington it might be the final embarrassment for Left Tennessee. Funny, he says the district needs a black person because there aren't any black people representing the state, well, there's a black person running! Not sure she's ever chopped cotton, though.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Traffic Wars!

The Commercial Appeal has figured out a way to open a can of worms and generate mega-hits--just report on traffic problems along Germantown Parkway.

Here's the link, including the details on the new traffic camera$, but the meaty part is the comments section. Here's a good sample:
People heading east on Trinity, turning left (north) onto Germantown, are virtually forced to run the light because the left turn light is timed in such an idiotic stupid dumb moronic way. The left turn arrow is green for 6 seconds at the most.

It takes Memphis drivers about 5 of those 6 seconds to figure out the arrow has turned green with their little pea-sized brains, so you can get about two cars per cycle through that left turn legally. The rest have to scamper through or sit there for the rest of the day.
So we've got inept, greedy, identity politicians slapping auto-fines on the rich burbians and calling them a safety measure; the rich burbians who aren't that rich finally getting a chance to feedback to these politicians who'll probably respond by installing more cameras; transplants from Great Britain advocating solutions from a country where they drive on the wrong side of both the car and the road; and nervous nellies or frogheads duking it out with the Andrettis, Gordons and Earnhardts about turn lane protocol (people need to get their arses out of the way in the turn lane so the opposing guy can see for cryinoutloud).

But the people who should really be hanging their heads in shame are the civil engineers who designed this sadistic city's road network or the politicians or nimbys who stopped them from acting sane.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Willie Go Home

As heard on 600 WREC the other day..

dedicated to W.W.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Cohen Town Hall

Congressman Cohen is having a Town Hall meet on Saturday at 10 AM. Here's the flyer:

Let it be said now--if opponents of govt health care show up they weren't necessarily organized by the evil insurance companies they were organized by Congressman Cohen. Anyway, here's hoping for a peaceful outpouring of democracy.